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CSO Insights’ Studies

CSO Insights conducts numerous annual and biannual studies. The insights found in these studies are the result of a year-long process. That process begins with us designing and building surveys. We then conduct those surveys with participants from B2B sales organizations around the world. Once they’re complete, we mine the data for insights and identify the relevant patterns and stories that emerge.


In a field deluged with new content, but short on new ideas, this report presents an original and imminently practical roadmap that begins with assessing a sales organization’s current state, proceeds through establishing both best practices and a conceptual framework for understanding and applying them, and ultimately achieves measurable results.


If you’re looking for detailed operational insights into sales, look no further. Every year, we survey sales executives across the globe to gather more than 100 sales effectiveness metrics. The report is divided into seven topics. For each topic, we cover key findings, 10 key trends and best practices from best-in-class companies.


This annual study quantifies the impact of sales enablement on the ability of global sales organizations to identify prospects and move them effectively through the sales process. The research behind these insights focuses on identifying the challenges faced by today’s sales organizations and why those problems exist. It also covers best practices implemented by organizations seeking to optimize sales training, content development, sales team coaching and new technologies.


We survey sales executives around the world to gather compensation and performance management metrics and publish the results twice a year. Our goal is to discover the different philosophies for compensation design and management, as well as understand how companies measure, monitor and reward performance. The report covers 10 key trends with an overview of the most important findings. It also provides recommendations on designing and improving compensation plans.

Our study results are available to our members before we release the reports. If you want to be among the first to receive theses studies–or would like access to more updated versions, we would love to talk with you about membership.