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Insights for Increased Sales Performance

CSO Insights develops and implements rigorous, ongoing studies of best practices, performance optimization, enablement, compensation, performance management, and channel sales. This allows us to provide the objective research, data and expertise that will help you create and execute strategies to improve sales performance and productivity. It also lets us offer timely business intelligence, as well as an ever-expanding knowledge repository that positions today’s trends in a larger context.


Our sales experience, member interactions and knowledge network allow us to provide our members and partners with:


  • Customized benchmark data and comparisons
  • Best practice analysis and frameworks
  • Identification of emerging productivity trends
  • Implications of technological advances
  • Customized or cobranded white papers


Digital Membership

Gain new insights with on-demand content on the strategic issues that you’re actively addressing. Our perspectives on sales performance and productivity will help you develop strategies to find more, win more, and keep and grow more business.


Published research. Reflects topics that are most relevant to our members, trends identified in our original research studies and in-depth looks at particular findings.


Content on demand. Search by keyword, subject, role-based taxonomy, contributor or content type.


New content every week.


Collaboration with your team. Bring external expertise and perspective into your sales productivity planning and discussions by sharing the relevant content from CSO Insights’ Research Library.


Exclusive best practice frameworks. Key trends from our research studies are shared with you first, providing you with best practice frameworks that you can apply within the context of your organization.


Advisory Membership

Advisory Membership expands on Digital Membership to include personal, real-time interaction with our research analysts. The Advisory Services team will work with you to uncover and focus on your strategic issues and specific challenges. You’ll receive customized benchmark data and comparisons, along with best practices analyses and frameworks. We’ll help you develop a keen awareness of emerging productivity trends and an understanding of the implications of technological advances.


Research Services

Through a variety of research services, we collect and analyze data on the skills, behaviors and metrics that are critical to your improved sales performance.


Benchmarks. Assess your sales team or organization on the behaviors and performance of top-performing organizations or those within your industry. These comparisons against data from our original research studies will help validate and prioritize your strategies to address any gaps between your current performance and world-class performance.


Sales Skills Assessment. Our Sales Excellence Assessment is completed by both the salesperson and manager for 180° feedback. It measures performance across skill sets and competencies related to effective customer management. Its results are used to track improvement, help managers focus on developmental needs and improve the ROI on training.


Job Match Profile. Through our partnership with Profiles International, organizations have the ability to leverage Predictive Sales Performance to understand characteristics of top-performing salespeople and find and assess candidates who possess those qualities.

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