Welcome Chris Patton

I would like new people with new ideas to come into it and change it.
— Neville Marriner, English violinist and conductor

I am pleased to introduce Chris Patton as the newest CSO Insights analyst.

Chris will be covering the sales operations and analytics space. In keeping with the CSO Insights tradition, Chris was a practitioner first and foremost –with an inner researcher waiting to break free. This allows us to create content that is immediately applicable to those in the field, versus purely taking a conceptual look.

Chris comes to us with a varied, 30-year sales background. He started in sales as an enterprise salesperson for companies like IBM, Hyperion and Oracle before transitioning into sales operations and later sales enablement. Because of his sales experience, he was very successful in a corporate role where he was able to “translate” corporate “intention” into usable, sales-ready process transformations and operational programs. Later, Chris joined the SAVO Group, serving as a practice leader. And, finally, just prior to joining CSO Insights, Chris conducted analytical consulting, leveraging a financial model he created that allows sales operations and sales enablement leaders to confirm the financial impact of their sales effectiveness programs and strategies.

Chris brings a practical and thoughtful perspective to our work. His first order of business will be to continue the evolution of the Sales Performance Optimization Study (SPO) into deeper investigations of key operations and analytics topics, starting with a survey launch in a couple of weeks.

This enables us to mine the 20-year history of the SPO while highlighting new areas of focus. As sales enablement continues to grow, sales analytics tools proliferate by the hundreds, and CRM continues to morph, it’s important to take a more strategic look at sales operations. Clearly it is changing. But how? And what’s next? We are keen to add new definition to this increasingly diverse discipline. What does and what should it mean? How should a sales operations function evolve? With limited time and resources, which new tools should sales ops leaders experiment with? Who is getting it right?

We look forward to sharing our insights on these critical topics.

Join us in a warm welcome for Chris Patton, CSO Insights Research Director!

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