Two Things You Don’t Know About CSO Insights’ Research

Two Things You Don’t Know About CSO Insights’ Research

Even if you participated in the first survey Jim Dickie conducted back in 1994, and in each year’s surveys since then, we’re doing two things differently in our 2017 World Class Sales & Service Study.

First, we’re breaking the cycle of survey/report, survey/report. We’ve done five or six surveys each of the past few years and followed each with a report (Sales Performance Optimization, Sales Best Practices, Sales Enablement, etc.). This year we’ll be asking for less and delivering more. We’ve completely reviewed and revamped our surveying approach. Depending on your role (see next paragraph), you’ll only see one, two or three survey modules during the year but several reports and in-depth topical discussion papers.

Second, we also defined several personas (sales leader, sales manager, sales operations, etc.) and are leveraging leading survey technology to only ask you questions that are appropriate to your role/focus. This means you’ll be answering the most relevant questions to you on topics you know the most about.

Our analyses will also benefit from having these various perspectives and seeing where alignment – and gaps – in perception occur.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve also involved Miller Heiman Group’s international partners early in the process to begin localizing the survey into other languages; this means we will have much greater global participation than in prior years. Increasingly, companies are interested in knowing global trends, regional differences, and individual challenges. By casting our net further/wider than in prior years, we’ll be inviting much broader participation and have new analyses to offer.

Two Things You Should Know About CSO Insights’ Research

First, we’re completely honored each year to see the response to our surveys; it’s important to us for you to know that we truly appreciate the time each person takes to respond. The changes we’re making are to reduce the demands and increase the return on your time investment.

Second your survey responses are the life blood of our company. Without your input, there is nothing to analyze… and no insights to deliver.

So we are pleased to launch our 2017 World Class Sales & Service Study. You can get started right now by clicking on this link. The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete but you can start now and come back later. Or, if you need to look up one or two items, you can quit and you’ll be brought back to where you left off when you log back in. Either way, you won’t have to repeat any questions or start over.

We’re excited about this year’s changes and hope that you will be, too. We invite you to participate this year and ask that you invite your network of colleagues and contacts to do the same. The more the merrier as we launch into 2017!

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