Twitter Roundup: A selection of links @CSOinsights has recently recommended

The State of Artificial Intelligence in 2018: A Good Old fashioned Report: This is one of the best general purpose explorations of AI we’ve seen this year, with useful definitions of key terms and sections on research, talent, industry, politics, and predictions. Co-authored by @NathanBenaich.

5 CEO share their best productivity tips from @fastcompany. Favorite quote: “Then it hit me: Only 5% of the things I do are tasks that actually move the money needle, and those were the critical things that I needed to focus on 100% of the time.”

3 Questions to Evaluate a Candidate’s Emotional Intelligence: Finding and hiring the right talent is more important than ever – especially in sales. Tweeted by

Creative and design leaders are more worried than excited about emerging tech in 2018: Shares findings from a report by @econsultancy in association with @adobe.

Machine learning will redesign, not replace, work: @mitsloan (MIT Sloan School of Management). See also CSO Insights’ AI in Sales: When You Think AI, Think Augmented Intelligence.

3 Ways Sales Enablement Can Support New Sales Managers: Brainshark’s @Alec_Shirkey cites CSO Insights research director Tamara Schenk.

11 Artificial Intelligence Tools Transforming the B2B Sales World from @nudgeai. If you’re wondering about nudge’s domain name – it’s “” not “” – “.ai” is the country code top level domain for the island of Anguilla.


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