Running Up a Down Escalator: How the Best Make it to the Top

Selling today feels like running up a down escalator.

It takes tremendous effort for little, or zero, gain. The forces of complexity, competition and customer expectations accelerate against you to stall your progress. Pause and you’ll find yourself moving backwards. To put that in perspective, our latest research reveals that only 53% of sales representatives make or exceed their goals, a continuation of a five-year decline.

Every year, CSO Insights takes a comprehensive look at sales performance around the globe. When we say it is harder than ever to sell, it’s not hyperbole. The evidence is in the data we’ve collected over the past two decades.

Yet, there is good news too. Each year, we continue to find paths to success.

In the 2017 World-Class Sales Practices Report we identify specific organizational practices that are linked to better results. And, we explore what we can learn from the select few “World-Class” performers (only 7% of respondents this year) who consistently execute these practices and outperform the majority.

Unveiled in this year’s study:

  • The current state of sales performance in terms of revenue attainment, quota attainment, win/loss/no-decision rates and involuntary/voluntary attrition.
  • An updated framework, the Sales Relationship Process (SRP) Matrix, for analyzing your sales organization using the lenses of customer relationship management and sales process implementation.
  • A defined set of 12 organizational practices, the “how to,” which are positively linked to improvements in key sales metrics.
  • A roadmap for applying the findings to your business in systematic fashion.

Download a quick-read summary or the full report to see how your organization can leverage this year’s World-Class analysis to successfully run up the down escalator of sales.

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