How to Gain Clarity on Sales Enablement: The CSO Insights 2017 Sales Enablement Optimization Study Is Out!

No doubt, sales enablement is a very fast growing discipline. Just five years ago, only 19% of our study participants had an enablement function or initiative. Last year, it was one-third, and this year it’s 59%. That’s an impressive growth, indeed.

Many people took on new enablement roles and responsibilities in a short amount of time. That caused lots of confusion in the enablement space; more than we had a couple of years ago. This is why the need for enablement clarity has never been greater than today.

CSO Insights proudly presents its third, annual, global 2017 Sales Enablement Optimization Study. Defining what enablement is serves as a frame of reference and is a mandatory step in your organization to get everyone on the same page.

A definition is essential as a foundation. However, our definition (or any other in the space) cannot help you to advance enablement in your organization. Therefore, we introduce our newly developed enablement clarity model. Our enablement clarity model takes the form of a polished diamond representing the different facets of a strategic enablement discipline. This diamond equips enablement leaders to understand how the different facets are connected to each other, where they currently are in each facet and how to improve their enablement maturity step by step. The clarity model also serves as the structure of this year’s report.

Here are some of the highlights of the study:

  • Enablement charter: Having a strategic approach to enablement is essential to drive performance. Organizations with a formal enablement charter establish a foundation for 27.6% better quota attainment.
  • Customer journey alignment remains a challenge for many organizations, but in a dynamic way, it ensures a foundation for sales productivity that leads to 13.5% better quota attainment.
  • Effective enablement services: Content matters, training matters more, and coaching matters most: Check out the impressive performance impact of these different enablement services.
  • Spotlight social selling: It is an enablement responsibility along the entire customer’s journey to ensure that the sales force can leverage social media. The performance impact of effective social selling services is significant with more than 30% improvement.
  • Enablement Technology: Integration of enablement technology into CRM systems is mandatory to drive adoption and reinforcement, and to impact productivity.
  • Sales coaching: For the first time in many years, fewer organizations leave coaching up to their managers, and investigate more formal approaches that lead to significantly better win rates for forecast deals: 27.6%.


Do you want to learn more? Are you curious how to polish your rough enablement diamond in your organization? Click here and download your copy.

In the next couple of months, we will discuss different aspects of the 2017 study in more detail. Stay tuned and advance your enablement practice!

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