Formula for Successful Sales Transformation

7.21.16The premise for the formula is that any time you want to inject change into an organization, which sales transformation clearly qualifies as, you have the potential of encountering the R in the formula, which stands for Resistance. I have long disliked the assumption that people resist change, and I can prove it isn’t true. Every so often you will see a lottery winner on the news being presented with a multi-million-dollar check. That check clearly represents change to the recipient and, yet, I have never seen one of those winners resist taking the money. So, a better way to think about this is that people don’t necessarily resist change, but what they may resist is being changed. So the formula presents four factors that need to be present in your sales transformation efforts to overcome this type of resistance.

P = Pain: What is it about the way that you are selling today that is unacceptable? Not uncomfortable or undesirable—what is fundamentally unacceptable? Get agreement from senior sales management on which specific issue(s) you need to address now.

C = Cause: Just like any doctor, you need to understand what is causing pain to exist before you can think about prescribing a cure. What factors are impacting your sales team’s performance?

V = Vision: If you have identified the pain and surfaced the cause(s), you are now ready to start to determine your Vision of what “better” looks like and how you would leverage people, process, technology, and knowledge to achieve those improvements.

F = First Steps: This is a key consideration, because as you begin to craft your Vision you may be overwhelmed by how many changes are needed to turn your vision into a reality. Remind yourself that you don’t have to do everything all at once. Give yourself permission to make sales transformation a phased implementation.

R = Resistance to Change: As a result of completing the formula for successful change, there will be changes introduced into the sales organization. You will find there are people who resist being changed, as described above.

The initial charter for your sales transformation team should be to fill in this formula for your organization.

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