CSO Insights 2018 Sales Operations Optimization Study: Help us Find the Answers

“The Junk Drawer for Sales”

Over the years, sales operations has been described as a lot of things, but one senior sales operations leader’s description is perfect: “Sales operations is the junk drawer of sales.”

At my last count, sales operations was responsible for 15 different disciplines, from annual planning exercises around territory definition, compensation design, and even organization re-alignment to weekly data management responsibilities like CRM cleanup, reporting package delivery and sales tool integrations and testing… not to mention all of the critical activities like forecasting, pipeline management, and CRM and sales tool administration!

The range of sales operations responsibilities, it can be said, is broader than that of any other function in the company.

But what’s most important to sales operations leaders today? What are the fastest growing organizations doing differently or better? What are the largest companies with the most resources doing that gives them an operational competitive advantage? Does team size even matter?

In our latest research study, CSO Insights is undertaking a renewed focus on the functions and disciplines of sales operations. It is our intention to help really understand – in this era of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics – what sales operations leaders believe are their most pressing responsibilities and the most intriguing trends.

If you aren’t already besieged by external vendors, and possibly internal influencers, offering ROI and magical new revenue production derived from the shiniest and newest operational gadget, you will be soon. Because a revolution in data intelligence and virtual assistants is on its way. The next generation of sales tools is here. Which ones do you need now? Which ones will you need next year?

One of the biggest challenges – possibly the toughest one – is staying abreast of the “new” while maintaining and driving adoption of the “here and now.” And knowing this, we seek to provide credible insight into the reality of the sales operations universe so you can lead your organization to the next generation with confidence and certainty.

That is our goal and mission here at CSO Insights – to arm you with the information you need to rationalize and justify your particular strategy. Please help us with our mission to help you.

Participate in our study and:

  • You will be able to immediately download our recent Running Up the Down Escalator report
  • You will also be among the first to receive the 2018 Sales Operations Optimization Study upon its release in Q1 2018.


Please join our 2018 Sales Operations Optimization Study and help us uncover the direction, trends and best practices of our sales operations colleagues!

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