2018 Sales Effectiveness Study

Did you know that quota attainment is on a five year decline? That sales organizations with a culture of continuous development are more successful than their peers? Do you have a clear view of how your sales organization may compare to others?

As sales continues the inevitable migration from art to science, leaders will require more data to assess their realities and make decisions. That is where CSO Insights comes in.

For the last twenty years, we have conducted a global study into the state of sales performance. This research is the industry standard for documenting the key operational metrics that sales leaders use for benchmarking purposes. In addition, we collect information on trending organizational practices, looking for correlations between practices and success metrics.

The output is a series of comprehensive reports on exactly what the most successful organizations are doing and the results they are achieving. You can leverage this outside perspective to identify, validate or prioritize gaps. It can be used to create the business case for change. And, it can be used to gauge progress and expand successes.

This year’s performance research, the 2018 Sales Effectiveness Study, is kicking off today and sales leaders, sales operations leaders and sales enablement leaders are all invited to participate.
The survey itself takes 10-12 minutes to complete. Everyone who participates will be:

• immediately rewarded with our comprehensive research report 2017 World-Class Sales Practices
• given a subscription to our monthly newsletter to receive complimentary research assets (we do not solicit this list, it is purely to receive research as a thanks for being part of our community
• provided early access to the study findings in order to apply them to your own environment

Just by considering and answering the questions you will be given a fresh perspective on what sales effectiveness looks like in 2018.

We know that you are bombarded with a myriad of requests to take surveys. (Every time you stay at a hotel, fly, rent a car, etc). What makes this survey worth your time are the rich insights you will gain access to. Our years of experience in this space allow us to pinpoint for you the notable findings and market trends.

Please click here to complete the study today. Your contributions to our research will not only benefit you and your organization, but will also help the sales industry as a whole continue its evolution.

Thank you!

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