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Sales Managers – Overwhelmed and Underdeveloped


This research looks at the intersection of sales management and sales enablement. Sales managers have the hardest job in sales, and yet, across geographies and industries, organizations are not doing enough to develop the people in these positions. In this report, Tamara Schenk and Jim Dickie discuss the importance of the sales manager role; the enablement gap for sales managers; the business case for turning this around; and how leadership can systematically enhance sales manager enablement.

2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study


Learn the impact sales enablement has on organizations today and the best practices companies are implementing to optimize sales training, content development, coaching and technology.

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We have multiple avenues of content and as far as we’re concerned, why keep it locked away when it could drive your efforts around sales performance and productivity? Our studies are well-known, but our expertise expands into many forms. Help yourself to some of our latest data and research.

44% of sales organizations list increasing sales effectiveness as a top sales objective. Turn how you sell into a competitive advantage.


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69% of sales team in organizations that report sales skills training efforts exceed expectations are meeting quota. Understand the payoff of investing in a strong skills training program.


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47% of sales organizations report they need improvement in effectively cross-selling and up-selling existing accounts. Uncover how to tap into the value of your customer base.


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