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2017 Sales Enablement Optimization Report Summary


CSO Insights has been tracking sales enablement since 2013, and has produced a major report on it every year beginning in 2015. This year’s study presents the latest research on who’s using it, and how and why. New in this report is the Sales Force Enablement Clarity Model, which serves as a guide as you assemble your sales enablement discipline step by step. The Executive Summary is available now.

2017 CSO Insights World-Class Sales Practices Report Summary


For the tenth consecutive year, two inter-related factors continue to predict sales success: customer relationship level and sales process level. Learn more in this quick-read summary of the new 2017 CSO Insights World-Class Sales Practices Report.

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44% of sales organizations list increasing sales effectiveness as a top sales objective. Turn how you sell into a competitive advantage.


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69% of sales team in organizations that report sales skills training efforts exceed expectations are meeting quota. Understand the payoff of investing in a strong skills training program.


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47% of sales organizations report they need improvement in effectively cross-selling and up-selling existing accounts. Uncover how to tap into the value of your customer base.


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