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2014 Sales Performance BenchmarksHow can you use Industry Benchmarks from our 2014 Sales Performance Optimization Survey?

A benchmark report contains charts of the 95 metrics from our 2014 Sales Performance Optimization Survey.  The charts are made from a slice of our survey data representing your industry. 

In addition, we selected a "Best in Class" group from each data slice.  The survey responses in  "Best in Class" are from companies where at least 80% of the sales reps made or exceeded quota.

12 of the metrics have CSO Insights commentary including:

  • Why we track the metric and what it tells us
  • How the industry group's responses compare to responses in our overall survey
  • How the industry group compares to its "Best in Class"
  • What the results can tell you

Click here to receive a sample of an Industry Benchmark

Use the Industry Benchmarks to:

  • Prioritize issues you want to handle this year
  • Measure your performance against your peers
  • Quantify the cost of doing nothing for 95 metrics on our list

Sales Performance Benchmarks sell for $1,000 each.  Here are the Industries availabile:

Advertising, Media & PR

38 Surveys
7 Best in Class


57 Surveys
16 Best in Class


54 Surveys
9 Best in Class

Professional Services

299 Surveys
83 Best in Class

Small & Medium Businesses (under $250M)

651 Surveys
175 Best in Class

Over $1 Billion Companies

95 Surveys
26 Best in Class


146 Surveys
30 Best In Class


21 Surveys
4 Best in Class

We can do custom Benchmark Reports

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