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 A Benchmark is a set of all the survey metrics from a selected segment of our survey database. 

"What percent of your sales reps USE the sales methodology they were trained on?"Sample Standard Benchmark Chart

Standard Benchmarks show answers to all our survey questions from an industry or a group of similar-sized companies.

This chart comes from the Standard Benchmark for the Telecommunications industry

The analysis:  The sales reps in these companies do not value sales methodology. Only 16% of the companies have adoption rates over 75%. The sales process training investment was wasted.

Learn more about Standard Benchmarks and see what industries are available

Peer BenchmarksSample Standard Benchmark Chart

Peer Benchmarks compare your survey answers to those from a group of companies with sales environments similar to yours.

This chart comes from a Peer Benchmark for a company in the Professional Services industry

The analysis:  Our client falls far behind the Peer Group in sales methodology adoption.  This can mean increased competitive losses, as the Peers will out-perform them in executing the sales process.

A Peer Benchmark includes a conference call with CSO Insights to discuss the results.

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