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Here are links for More Information about Optimizing Sales Process Adoption through automated Playbooks

Three Excuses that Doom Sales Teams - Are excuses plaguing your sales team's performance? Learn how an automated Playbook plays a crucial role in opportunity management.

Why Sales People Don’t Get Along with Your CRM: Does your sales team still hate your CRM? CRM products are great for management reporting, but they still fall flat in the field. Discover ways to make your CRM embraceable.

Playbook checklist (Are you adopted?) – A checklist to ensure that your sales team has the sales cycle covered.

View Module 2 of our Executive Briefing, a case study on how Informatica and Revegy rolled out a formal sales process supported by playbooks, opportunity management process and analytics to help sales reps avoid suprises and improve performance.

Revisit Module 1 of our Executive Briefing, setting the stage for the role automated playbooks play in optimizing sales process adoption.

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