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2014 Sales Performance Optimization

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2014 Sales Performance Optimization report is divided into 8 Topical Reports

In 2014, CSO Insights has arranged the Sales Performance Optimization report the way a CSO would like to see it:

  • Find More
  • Win More
  • Keep & Grow More

In addition to these, the Key Trends introduction and the Going Forwatd review, there are three insights reports:

  • Sales Process
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Force Demographics

Each Topical Report gives you a breakdown of survey-taker responses to each metric, a discussion of trends over the years for each metric, and best practices derived from responses from the best in class companies.

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Key Trends

Summary of Findings

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Sales Force Demographics

Hiring, Quotas & Compensation

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Sales Process

Process, adoption and training

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Find More

Getting leads and converting to prospects

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Win More

Sell cycle execution leading to new business

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Keep & Grow More

Strategic Account Management

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 Sales Management

Hiring and Managing for Success

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Going Forward

2014 Initiatives and Targets

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