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2013 Lead Management Optimization

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Our 2013 Lead Management Optimization research report explores our 10-step Lead Management Life Cycle and the metrics that distinguish Best in Class companies in Lead Management.

Use this report to learn:

  • What to measure
  • Why to track metrics
  • How Best in Class companies peform


The critical metrics covered in this report include:


  • Top 3 Strategic marketing objectives for 2013
  • Alignment Areas Needing Improvement
  • % of Prospect and Customer Data Correct
  • Ability to develop targeted/effective messages
  • Top 3 Demand Generation Programs
  • Lead Generation investment change by component
  • Use of Lead Management technology
  • Method for Scoring Leads
  • % of Leads to Sales Followed Up
  • Lead Nurturing Methodology
  • Marketing Ability to Support Entire Sales Process
  • Metrics Used for Lead ROI


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